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Ghost Writer LLC Elevates Grant Writer to Agency Advocate to Promote Growth

Ghost Writer LLC

Media Contact: Kirsten Hubbard


November 25, 2023

Ghost Writer LLC Elevates Grant Writer to Agency Advocate to Promote Growth

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — Nonprofit consultancy Ghost Writer LLC has promoted former grant writer Christiana Snyder to agency advocate. In her new role, Snyder represents Ghost Writer in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and the surrounding region.

Snyder began working with Ghost Writer in September 2022 as a contracting writer and editor, and was hired as full-time employee in January 2023. Her new role primarily focuses on client communication and coordinating projects like grants management, social media, donor database, marketing, design and other development solutions. She also continues writing grants and press releases.

“I love that my gifts are helping to improve the world, and I appreciate the chance to grow professionally,” says Snyder. “I’ve always enjoyed writing and editing, rather behind-the-scenes pursuits. Though working with words is still where I feel most at home, I’ve expanded in confidence in the client-facing facet of my work.” She smiles. “I’m growing right along with my clients.”

“Christiana is a phenomenal writer and editor with a deep sense of responsibility to her community,” says Ghost Writer CEO, Kirsten Hubbard. “Watching her grow to embrace a public-facing role has been a delight, and this promotion acknowledges that growth. She also is proactive, detail-orientated, and remarkably kind. We’re excited to reach into the greater Harrisburg area under her leadership.”

Ghost Writer’s Development and Marketing Division supports nonprofits with grants management, social media, marketing, donor database, and other services. The company also supports a Creative and Professional Writing and Executive Services division.

To learn more about Ghost Writer’s services, visit their website at, follow on Facebook @GhostWriterQuill or Instagram at ghost.writer.quill, or call 866-GHOSTIE.


About Ghost Writer LLC

Ghost Writer has been supporting nonprofit organizations for over seven years by helping with grants, marketing, donor database management, fundraising campaigns and more, all within its Marketing & Development division. The company also offers Executive Services and Professional and Creative Writing divisions to serve for-profit organizations. Ghost Writer has a presence in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia, along with its headquarters in Franklin County, Pa.

Call 866-GHOSTIE, visit, or follow them on social media to learn how their services can be tailored to your organization.


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