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Testimonials and Success Stories

What our nonprofit partners have to say about Ghost Writer

"I value and appreciate the consistent and professional responsiveness we receive. We are a small non-profit and are treated with the same respect as larger organizations. The work Ghost Writer and Team does has been simply invaluable! A real life saver"

-Mary Ashe-Mahr

"Our positive working relationship with Ghost Writer has been instrumental in the ongoing sustainability of the Capitol Theatre Center Foundation. Ghost Writer has been a valuable asset in securing grants and funding sources as well as  connecting the community to keep the Capitol Theatre Center as a beacon of arts in downtown Chambersburg."

-Beth Thoresen

"We have been working with Ghost Writer for over 3 years.  During those years they have taken our grant program and totally transformed it.  We have received an incredible ROI on what we pay them versus what we receive back.  The staff are very passionate about what they do and their role in helping us succeed.  They respond very quickly to questions and grant opportunities.  Having them involved has given me the ability to focus on other areas of my job and trust that Ghost Writers has this area covered.  I am so pleased to have them as part of our team and would strongly recommend them to other organizations who want to increase their grant income."

- Maggie Lattin

"The team at ghost writer has been incredibly helpful throughout our time working together. They have been able to help us; obtain grants, reevaluate fundraising solutions, assisted staff, and  help the board of directors in approving new and inventive marketing avenues.."

-Sam Thrush