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Visioning and Strategic Planning

Know the path!

 Focus your time, energy, and resources while centralizing  staff and board around shared goals with customized, active planning. 


Choose from:

Full Visioning and Strategic Plan Package 
(recommended every three years and during times of transition or opportunity)
Refresher Visioning and Strategic Plan 

Available Add-ons include:

Internal organizational survey

External stakeholder survey

Listening sessions or Focus Groups

Every package is customized to meet your organization's unique goals.

Complimentary initial organization assessment. 

Pricing reflects Ghost Writer LLC's belief in accessibility, with Strategic Planning packages beginning at $1,000.  

Board Training and Development

"We are having three-hour board meetings every month!" "One board member monopolizes meeting time!" " Our Executive Director doesn't feel empowered to act."  "We keep having the same conversations over and over!"  "Information is shared only with a few board members." "I don't feel comfortable raising concerns during board meetings." "We seem unable to focus on agenda."

Our experts are here for you! We believe that nonprofits function best when there are clear expectations of roles and responsibilities, an understanding of the division between staff and board functions, defined committees and assignments, and  safe spaces for honest discussion. 

Our experienced facilitators work with individual organizations, build healthy partnerships between coalitions, and/or lead engaging seminars, workshops, and conferences.


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