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Find trainings, strategies, development programs and speaking engagements that are right for your organization.

Organizations struggle with all kinds difficulties, we're here to give you a hand

Common challenges organizations run into 


When an organization is growing it can create complications and clarity issues.


teams in transition can require assistance to be brought into the the organizations culture


When an organization is multifaceted it can be difficult to discern main priorities.


A lack of clear roles and responsibilities for employees can cause confusing.  


Increases efficiency and streamlining services can need a creative perspective


productive communication in teams is constantly adapting and those skills need refreshers.

The Ghost Writer approach

Visioning Planning

Full Visioning and Strategic Plan Package -  Focus your time, energy, and resources, while centralizing  staff and board around shared goals with customized, active planning. 

Board Development

Our experienced facilitators work with individual organizations, build healthy partnerships between coalitions, and/or lead engaging seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Speaking Engagements

Learn about the history of nonprofits in America, where to find grants, the difference between goals and objectives, how to write a winning proposal, and where to find data and stats.


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