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Meet Our Team

We have experts in fields spanning every aspect of nonprofit operations.



After serving nonprofits for over 20 years, Kirsten founded Ghost Writer to help nonprofits meet their world-changing missions through investments in marketing,  development, and infrastructure, that is demonstrable by solid returns on investment. The business  has since expanded to include three departments, 13 team members, and a presence from down the street to Mozambique. She is happiest writing, boxing, or watching football, favoring her beloved New England Patriots.



Christiana loves exploring the communicative power of grammar and language. Since graduating from Messiah University, she brings that love to her career as a freelance editor. She’s worked at all tiers of editing from developmental to proofreading. She is excited to use her gifts with Ghost Writer to improve the community and the world around us. When she’s not editing or writing, she can be found getting lost in a good book or song or volunteering with the senior high youth group at her church.

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Jack handles the small but meaningful tasks in Ghost Writer. Anything from grant writing, to sending mail, to going to mixers. Coming onto the team as a Community Outreach Specialist, Jack is taking over the Novel Reels program. Jack is going to Penn State as a History major and has plans to work with the National Park Service or the Smithsonian after school.



Clay brings to the team his experience and skills in many forms of writing, copy-editing, and research. He is a jack-of-all-trades, exploring new interests often. Clay is excited to be able to support the hardworking nonprofit folks who help our communities thrive.


He enjoys tabletop games and spending time outdoors. His love of learning means he is always reading and writing something.



With over a decade of dedicated service in the non-profit sector and a degree in Communications, Abby's skill set extends across online marketing, graphic design, and database management. Passionate about enhancing the visibility of nonprofits and organizations engaged in impactful work, Abby is committed to assisting them in expanding their reach.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with family, volunteering at her church, baking, and music.



With a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in French, Jessie has loved words her entire life. As a child,  she wrote fiction and poetry but after college, she transitioned to the technical side of writing, becoming a production editor and later, managing editor at a

local publishing company.

Jessie has been in publishing for more than 20 years now, experienced in all aspects of publication, but her true passion is copyediting, and she is excited to use those skills in "doing what matters" for Ghost Writer.



Steph handles the graphic design for Ghost Writer and Ghost Host. With over 20 years of experience in the graphic design field, she can make your visions come to life.



Jenn is a writer, communications professional, and author of two children's books. She has a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Point Park University and worked in journalism for 15 years.

She enjoys spending time with "the herd" on her farm. 

Cheryl Piper-Snyder.jpg

Cheryl Piper-Snyder,

whose energy will forever live as part of our team.

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