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Catwomen Vows to Pilfer Popcorn at Novel Reels



WAYNESBORO, Pa. – Look out Gotham! In a shocking social media video, released on the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library Facebook page, infamous feline felon Catwoman has threatened to spread mayhem at the free Novel Reels community screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming at Waynesboro Theatre on Sat., Nov. 4, at 11 a.m.

In the social media video, DC Comic’s Catwoman, harboring hatred for rival Marvel Comics and the webbed warrior in particular, threatens to pilfer all the free popcorn being offered to attendees at the Waynesboro Theatre’s presentation of the latest Spider-Man movie.

Library and theatre representatives alike were aghast at Catwoman’s brazen pledge to “steal every last kernel.”

“We are appalled that Catwoman would sink so low as to threaten to steal from an event designed to bring the community together, ” said Steve Beck, president of the Waynesboro Community Theatre Project, a partner in the Novel Reels program.

The fourth in a series of movies designed to encourage young people to make the connection between reading and films is underwritten by the Franklin County Foundation, a regional foundation of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities, the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library, and the Waynesboro Community Theatre Project. The initiative has also been aided by such stellar community entities as F&M Trust, BB&T, Cornerstone Family Dentistry and Grove-Bowersox Funeral Home.

In the widely distributed video, Catwoman lashes out at Spider-Man, deriding his web-making ability. “What is that stuff that comes out of his wrists, anyway? Honestly! It’s repulsive,” she purrs in the broadcast.

“Catwoman’s attack on Spider-Man’s physical characteristics is quite frankly, offensive,” said Library Director Lori Milach. “As Alice in Wonderland said: ‘You should learn not to make personal remarks. It’s very rude.’”

Catwoman’s only defender was Novel Reels Committee Member Kirsten Hubbard, who offered a kinder view of the nefarious kitty. “She’s not really malicious. She just has this misunderstood mischievousness about her,” Hubbard opined.

Even so, librarians and representatives of HighRock Group, the parent company of Waynesboro Theatre and Leitersburg Cinemas, which is donating the free popcorn and sodas to participants, have put out a call for superheroes to thwart Catwoman’s devious plot.

“If ever superheroes were needed, they are needed now, said Beck, who has already heard from Gamora, the green goddess from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America, who have both “pledged to keep the kernels safe,” Beck said.

Milach, who as a librarian is a superhero in her own right, expressed the organizers’ resolve. “We will not be intimidated “ she whispered, using her inside voice. “Catwoman underestimates how many secret superhero-citizens reside in the Waynesboro area. We will work in synchronicity to squash this selfish scheme.”

Novel Reels organizers ask all of Waynesboro’s superheroes to converge at the Waynesboro Theater, 75 W. Main St., at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 4, to provide popcorn security. Caped crusaders with superpowers are especially encouraged to attend.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be shown at 11:00 a.m. Admission is free and soda, and comic books will be given to the first 190 participants. Those attending will also receive free popcorn if the responding superheroes are successful in foiling Catwoman’s scheme.

The entirety of the Catwoman video can be viewed on the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library Facebook page, or at The library welcomes messages of support and pictures or videos of superheroes and concerned citizens. Tag the library and/or hashtag your picture or video #NovelReels to help save the popcorn!

For additional information contact the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library at 717-762-3335.


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