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Why Libraries Are Awesome

By: Christiana

Why Libraries Are Awesome

There are few pleasures greater than a good library. The main stacks are hushed as patrons are drawn into study or search for their next favorite read. Kids giggle from the children’s area as they discover the wonder of the written word. Adults connect in reading corners over good stories, new ideas, or common interests. And of course, you’re surrounded by books!

While many of us here at Ghost Writer are partial to books (our CEO, Kirsten, even wrote one!), those aren’t the only reasons we love libraries so much. Here are a few more reasons libraries are one of the coolest public institutions in the country:

1. It’s all (almost) free.

Books, magazines, movies, CDs, and sometimes even video games are available for the community to borrow and enjoy. Some libraries even have a “Library of Things,” where you can borrow non-traditional items like sewing machines, science kits, musical instruments, cookie cutters, and more!

Additionally, there are virtually no fees to use the library or its services. Aside from the costs of printing or faxing documents, replacing your library card or a lost item, and suggested donations for classes, it doesn’t cost anything to enjoy the library and its services.

But what about late fines? you may ask. Since the pandemic, many libraries have actually become fine-free to maintain community access to the library’s many offerings. The American Library Association resolved in 2019 to work toward eliminating late fines in libraries, as removing them is found to increase community usage of the library. Ask your library about their late-fine policies today.

2. It’s a great place to connect with others.

Being a community establishment, libraries are a great place to connect with other people. You might find a new friend in the stacks, behind the circulation desk, or at a community class or event. It’s always fun to geek out over a good book, movie, or topic with a brand-new friend. Check out your library system’s calendar to find an event that works for you, or just pop on over to your local library and get ready to meet some neighbors! It might take some effort to get out of your comfort zone, but it will be worth it!

3. There’s something for everyone.

Libraries aren’t just for hosting story times with young children and parents (though those are great, too!). No matter what age you are, there’s likely to be a program that fits your interests. Do you love anime or tinkering with Legos? See if your library has an anime club or a Lego group! Libraries are also common hosts to Socrates Cafés, which are gatherings to explore various philosophical topics from different points of view in a celebration of diversity.

You might feel that there’s nothing at your library to match your interests. Try taking your ideas to the library. You might have an idea that your local librarians haven’t considered yet, and they’ll be willing to hear you out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start something new!

4. It’s a hub for accessible learning.

At the library, you can learn practically any subject you want for free. Some libraries even host classes in other languages, musical instruments, creative writing, and yoga, among other subjects. Even if there isn’t space in your schedule for one of these classes, or if there isn’t a class available that interests you, you can check out a book, audiobook, or DVD to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you’re struggling to find time even after borrowing the item, just renew it, if the item isn’t on reserve for someone else.


Libraries shape our communities for the better through community outreach, access to learning materials and entertainment, and more. They are a place for ideas to flow, for people to connect, and for minds to be inspired.

Do you know of or work for a library that could use help with nonprofit development? Ghost Writer has worked with small to county-wide library systems, connecting these community treasures to funding for operations, programs, and renovations. Contact Ghost Writer today to learn how we can help you Write a Better Human Story.


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