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Local Business Owner Shares Expertise at Statewide Arts & Humanities Conference

Ghost Writer LLC

Media Contact: Kirsten Hubbard


November 6, 2023

Local Business Owner Shares Expertise at Statewide Arts & Humanities Conference

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — On November 1st, Ghost Writer LLC CEO Kirsten Hubbard lead two presentations at the inaugural Pennsylvania Arts & Humanities: A Statewide Convening. The gathering, designed to help arts and humanities organizations navigate the post-pandemic landscape, was hosted by Senator Bob Casey and Lehigh University of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The lectures took place at the Zoellner Arts Center on the Lehigh University campus. Other guests included Dr. Colleen J. Shogan, 11th Archivist of the United States and top executives from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and PA Council on the Arts.

Ghost Writer LLC is a Pennsylvania-based company licensed in Pa., Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia to provide fundraising council to nonprofit organizations, though the company is increasingly serving the for-profit community. The company’s Marketing and Development division specializes in grants management, donor database management, direct mail, sponsorship packages, social media and other services.

“It’s truly an honor to be included among some of the foremost arts and humanities professionals in the state and in the nation,” Hubbard says of the experience. “To share our experience as both the funding landscape and community need shifts is a testament to the importance and innovation of Ghost Writer’s work, and all who have built it.”

Hubbard’s talk focused on the foundational tools of grant seeking and an understanding that grant seeking is an organizational-wide activity. According to Hubbard, a successful grant search is like a treasure hunt: You need to have the right tools and a good map. That map is grounded in an organization’s mission, strategic plan, development plan, and budget, ensuring all in the organization are aligned toward common goals. Only with those tools can you search for well-fitting grants.

For Hubbard, supporting arts organizations is a piece of the overall path to healing and thriving. “In the aftermath of Covid, we have seen funding conversations recognize the intersectionality of arts and humanities - as community connectors, place-making strategies, tools for mental well-being, tourism and economic drivers, spaces for diverse expression, and even workforce development.” Hubbard adds.

To learn more about Ghost Writer, visit or call 866-GHOSTIE.

About Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer has been supporting organization for over seven years with grants, marketing, donor database management, fundraising campaigns, and more, all within its Marketing and Development division. The company also offers Executive Services and Creative Writing divisions to , and has a presence in south central Pa., Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina along with its headquarters in Franklin County.

Call 866-GHOSTIE, visit, or follow them on social media to learn how their services can be tailored to your organization.


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