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Ghost Writer Adds Penn State Student to Support Novel Reels, Marketing, and Nonprofit Development

July 15, 2022

WAYNESBORO – Grant-writing and nonprofit organization support firm Ghost Writer LLC has hired a community outreach specialist for its projects, including Novel Reels, a cooperation between the company and the Franklin County Library System.

Jack Hubbard, of Waynesboro, helps with administrative tasks, website maintenance, is learning grant writing and manages the Novel Reels program that provides families with a free movie screening, free refreshments and a free book tied to the selected movie.

“I love helping people, and I love writing,” Hubbard said. “These two passions make grant writing, and especially managing Novel Reels, very fun. I hope that by us hosting Novel Reels, it enlightens people to the great library system we have around us and shines good light through Ghost Writer.”

Hubbard’s early success in grant writing has led to the funding of over 500 backpacks full of food distributed to local children and the funding of arts and after-school programs. He is currently working on a grant that would fund an archival project to preserve the writings and other resources of African Americans who played a significant role in Pennsylvania history.

“It is really gratifying to see Jack come to realize the power of the pen to change the world! He is very passionate, helpful, good natured, and eager to learn,” says Colleen Tidd, Director of Business Development at Ghost Writer, and a frequent partner at Novel Reels events.

Novel Reels will next be screening “Coco” at the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg on Friday, August 5th. Doors open at 8 PM with a free swim party, snack packs, and books related to the Black Panther theme. Books contain a bookmark redeemable at the local library for a second free book.

Started in 2017, Ghost Writer offers a variety of services for organizations and executive boards. Learn more about those services at


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