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Ghost Writer Adds Partnership to Support Marketing, Nonprofit Development

Ghost Writer LLC

Media Contact: Kirsten Hubbard



June 14, 2022

Ghost Writer Adds Partnership to Support Marketing, Nonprofit Development

WAYNESBORO – To bolster its offerings in digital and print marketing, grant-writing and other supports for nonprofits, the firm of Ghost Writer LLC has partnered with AW designs LLC for projects starting in 2022.

“Over five years ago, Ghost Writer opened to provide entry points to nonprofit organizations for professional grant writing, marketing, and executive services needed to truly amplify and scale their missions. We provide 360-degree solutions with a network of employees, contractors, and partners, creating an entire team from which a nonprofit can draw,” said Kirsten Hubbard, founder and chief executive officer of Ghost Writer.

“AW designs LLC is uniquely poised to partner with us for their expertise, design savvy, intimate knowledge of the nonprofit landscape, and because their philosophy of social entrepreneurship mirrors that of Ghost Writer,” continued Hubbard.

Amy Weibley from AW designs LLC has over a decade of experience in communications for the nonprofit sector, holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with minors in English and studio art, as well as a master's degree in organizational development and leadership.

“While working in the communications field for nonprofits, especially small nonprofits, you touch every possible aspect of marketing - from media relations to graphic design to digital messaging,” Weibley said, saying she is enthusiastic to promote organizations with online audiences, traditional media and community outreach.

Weibley said social media platforms help organizations with awareness, engagement, and donations.

“Once they know about your organization, you can start to engage them in helping to serve your mission by sharing opportunities to get involved, even if it's as simple as spreading the word. Social media is the digital version of word-of-mouth,” she said.

For more information about Ghost Writer and its services available to support organizations and executive boards, visit or call 866-GHOSTIE.


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