Adrian ‘Ziggy’ Washington to vie for world title in the boxing ring

Life hasn’t managed to knock out Adrian “Ziggy” Washington, and he isn’t about to let it happen now.

The 36-year-old professional boxer of Chambersburg is striving to become a world champion, and he will get his shot on Sept. 10 when he fights Charles Johnson for the USBF World Cruiserweight Title. You don’t want to miss Washington’s fast feet and Spidey-like senses in the ring during this match, which will be held at the Quantum Sports Center, 419 58th St. SE in Charleston, West Virginia. Doors open at 6 p.m., with the first bell at 7 p.m.

Tickets may be purchased by messaging promoter Brian Lee of BLee Management via his Facebook page, @BLeeManagement; through their Back to Business2 Facebook event posting; or through Washington via his Facebook page, @Ziggy.Montana.5.

The match is also available for home viewing through:

‘Mama said knock you out’

Washington began his boxing career when he was in his mid-20s and boxed as an amateur for several years. The two-time amateur Golden Gloves winner didn’t give his first three professional opponents – Tre Baker, Hassan Haggler and Jason Carroll – a chance in the ring. His record is 3-0, with either a KO or TKO in the first round of each fight.

“I just get lucky,” he quipped, followed by his contagious laugh.

Washington has been training hard with his team since June to prepare for the title fight. Washington knows Johnson will be a tough opponent but has no doubt he will bring the title to Chambersburg.

“If I don’t get to knock him out right away, I can show those boxing skills in the ring. He has lost, and he’s never fought me before. If it doesn’t happen in the first round, we will fight the whole fight. Our ultimate goal is to leave there with that title. If we stick to our gameplan, I think it will allow us to be victorious,” he said.

Washington is dedicating this fight to his grandmother, Alice Elizabeth Moore.

“My grandmother has dementia,” he explained. “I changed my trunks this year for her. I usually have ‘Ziggy’ on the front and ‘AZW’ on the back. My trunks now have ‘AEM’ on the back in honor of her.”

Through the ranks

Washington grew up in Chambersburg. He and his brother, Kyre, were raised by their mother, Linda Moore, who often worked three jobs just to provide for her sons without their father, also named Adrian, who had left when Washington was young. Washington shared he and his father are back in each other’s lives now, and he considers him one of his best friends.

In school, Washington always enjoyed playing sports, particularly football and basketball. He relocated to New Jersey with his uncle when he was a freshman, and he continued playing sports.

Washington appeared on his childhood friend DJ Rello’s Connected Sound podcast in July, where Rello talked about Washington’s influence in his passion for music. Washington dabbled in rap under the name Ziggy Montana, and even cut a deal with Jaz-O. He told Rello he thought he would become a star, but the career path didn’t quite work out the way he had hoped, so he stopped making music.