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Writers Rogue Jr. Writing Contest

Writers Rogue Jr.  is Ghost Writer's small way of contributing to local businesses and keeping our crazy-talented Franklin County kids creative. . . .or, mayhaps, it is just because we love a well-spun tale. After all, the best storyspinners are kids. And fires. (Trust us. Watch a fire for a while -it's telling stories.)

Yes, storyspinner is a magical word we just made up. We love magical made-up words. Every word began life as a made-up word. 

Here's how it works:

Every week during school closures, we are releasing a "writing provoke." It's like a writing prompt, except provoking is a great deal more interesting that merely prompting. Each writing provoke is adapted for kids in elementary, middle, and high school. The deadline is the following Monday. That Friday, three winners in each age group are declared. Winners receive fabulous prizes - shipped to their home or inboxes - from local Franklin County shops Nerdvana and Junk Punk Global AND are published, with permission, on this blog. No, toilet paper is not a prize. 

Rules: Writers hate rules. Submit stories via Word or Google.

            Word Count: Writers hate word counts. My editor made me say 2 pages.

            Geography: Writers hate boundaries. Franklin County, PA. She made me say that, too.

            What to include: Your full name, address, grade, and school, so we can ship your prizes and you can bring glory and honor to your land. 

            No, Ghost Writer cannot ghost write your story. 

Send to Colleen at

Who is judging? The greatest team ever compiled. (Prove us wrong.)




Jessie, Professional Editor 

Colleen, Screenwriter/Actress/Event planner
Sarah, English Teacher/Summer Librarian
Barry Radcliff, Star of Stage and Screen, Writer, Director 
Kirsten,  Founder/CEO,
Ghost Writer LLC/Tie-Breaker

What's the judging criteria? Rubric is posted  below:

Screenshot_20200324-135038 (1).png
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