Writing Provoke, due midnight Monday 3/30

Updated: Mar 30


Grades K - 5

Complete the story.

I was eating breakfast one morning when a giant spaceship landed in my backyard.  As I dropped my spoon, the spaceship door started opening...

Grades 6-8 

Complete the story.

Dear Intergalactic Committee,

I have been on this planet called Earth for three days now.  These Earth people are so weird. The following story is what happened on my first three days with these crazy humans!

Please let me come home,

Alien X

Grades 9 - 12  Aliens have arrived! Satellites show a UFO, with non-Earth origins, has landed in Antarctica.  Surveillance has shown moving figures, indicating life. You are tasked with creating a first-contact team to make initial attempts at communication. Who is on your team, and what is your plan to make the initial approach? Why?

Remember, stories should be no more than 2 pages and submitted in a Google Doc or Word format to CTidd@GhostWriterQuill.com by midnight, Monday March 30th. Remember to include you full name, address, grade, and school. Go rogue!