Writing Provoke Due 5/25- Mad Libs Reversed

For All Ages:

Have you ever played Mad Libs?

This fun past time has been around for generations. The game is played by providing a silly story with missing words and children take turns filling in the words with out hearing the story. Prompts are given such as noun, verb, adjective, etc. Once filled out, laughter is shared as the story is then read aloud.

This week's provoke is mad libs reversed. Instead of filling in the story with silly words, your job is to write the story around the words provided. Be creative and use your imagination to write a story about these five words:

  1. October

  2. Submarine

  3. Elephant

  4. Singing

  5. Strawberry Lemonade

Provokes are due by midnight on 5/25. Remember to include your name, address, grade, and school in a Google Doc or Word Doc format to CTidd@GhostWriterQuill.com. Remember, winners receive fabulous prizes from great local businesses and are published, with permission, on this blog! Go Rogue!