Writing Provoke Due 4/6:Magical Mystery Plant

All ages

You are on a hike in woods when you happen upon a unique plant. Looking closer, you find a note written in fairy-dust cursive that reads: "This is a magical plant. The finder of this plant may wish upon it one magical power, which the plant shall then possess. There is only plant, and it can only posses one power. "

Which power to do you choose and what happens next?

Optional expanded middle/high school provokes: The magic only works when it is gifted to someone else. To what person or institution do to you gift it, why, and how does that play out?

Provokes are due by midnight on 4/6. Remember to include your name, address, grade, and school in a Google Doc or Word Doc format to CTidd@GhostWriterQuill.com. Remember, winners receive fabulous prizes from great local businesses and are published, with permission, on this blog! Go Rogue!