The Wishing Plant by Ian

First place winner in the elementary school category

June 18, 2019

I love hiking in the woods. Even on a hot summer day in Arizona.

Today was strange. It started on a hot summer day. The trees handed me shade with their thick branches. I loved it. Suddenly, my walking stick hit a plant, and some dust, which was as bright as the sun, covered me.

I coughed. Connected to one of the leaves was a tag. I read what it says:

This is a magical plant.

The finder of this plant may

Wish upon it one magical power,

Which the plant shall then possess.

There is only one plant,

And it can only possess one


This fairy-dust writing gets me tempted. “It can only possess one power,” I say to myself.

I sit down on a rock next to the plant, and start pondering. Should I, or should I not? This question echoes in my head. I don’t feel right with it.

June 19, 2019

I think about this plant all night. Once I fell asleep, I dreamed about it. In my dream, the plant had a halo on it’s head. It spoke, and said, “You will choose to have one power, and this power will be-“

Suddenly, it’s interrupted by a red horny plant. This one speaks something different. “Thou shalt not choose one of those sloppy powers!”

I suddenly wake up, sweaty and confused.

I head into my woods, grab my walking stick, and sit on the rock. I say to the plant, ”I made up my mind,” I take a deep breath,” I want to have speed. Then a glittery dust forms out of the plant, and swirls around me.

It makes me dizzy to watch.

Then a voice in the distance said to me, “Tomorrow is your day.”

June 20,2019

I wake up and walk to the woods, and stand in front of the plant. I pick it up and smell it. I face to the deeper part of the woods. I begin to run. I start to feel the speed in my legs.

I pick up speed to the point that I’m dashing for a pile of candy. Or it feels that way.

I close my eyes so I can control my speed. I open my eyes. I’m controlling my powers! I look around. Everything around me is black. I start to panic. I try to stop, but I can’t I hear a deep, loud voice behind me.

“Your actions have consequences, young boy. You shall now pay the price!”

I get myself to look over my shoulder. A giant, gray goblin with a giant club is chasing me. I keep running for my very, very horrible life.

I start to run out of breath. I start to slow down. I suddenly stop. I’m huffing, trying to collect oxygen. I look up, to see a giant club coming straight for me.

I use speed to dodge it. A fist then blocks my path. I turn to see a gray goblin, looking at me. He looks infuriated. He tries to stomp on me. I go behind him. I see his weak spot on his upper back, just before he turns to face me.

When he makes the club hit the ground, I dash up it. When he raised it, I started to slide, but I catch myself on a branch.

Once I get on the shoulder, I look at the weak spot. I take a deep breath, and jump. I grab onto the hair. Once I head toward the head, I jump. When my legs hit the neck, I speed down and land on the weak spot.

I tickle it, so I can catch the giant goblin’s attention. He then makes the club come straight at the weak spot. Then, the weak spot explodes.

June 19, 2019

I wake up. It’s not the 21st of June. It was all a dream. I go take a hike in the woods. It’s right there. It’s the Wishing Plant.


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