The Plant That Changed The World by Breanna

First place winner in middle school category

The Plant That Changed the World

I woke up, as I did every Saturday, and I gobbled my breakfast so I could head out on my hike, but little did I know this hike would change the entire world. 

I always hike at Cunningham Falls because it has a great mix of easy paths and challenging climbs.  It was a sunny, late spring morning, my favorite time to hike. I stopped to look at the beautiful waterfalls and flowers, I stepped back to get a better look then I tripped over a rock and fell downhill into a blocked off area that had a “Caution Restricted Area” sign. I looked around, and right behind me was the most incredible plant I had ever seen, I felt astonished and stunned as I looked at this unbelievably amazing sight. This colorful plant had sparkly, neon colors of the rainbow on its blossoming petals, which spread 5 feet apart. It was as tall as I was.  Then, as I looked closer, I saw a glowing fairy-like note beside it that said that it was a magical plant that could possess one power, but it only works if you give it to somebody else. I went to go tell someone, but as I got up the plant grew a vine, it reached out and grabbed me, and then more words appeared on the note that now “Read you must wish upon me since you were the first person to find me.” I realized that I now had the power to do anything I wanted with this plant. I stopped to think about everything that was going on in the world around me, and my mind went straight to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a vastly devastating thing to think about. I thought, with this plant could I possibly do something about that? I decided what I was going to wish for, I grabbed a pen, and wrote on the paper that I would wish for the power to manipulate intelligence. I wished for that because I realized that since I need to give the power to someone else I could give the power to a doctor who could hopefully find a cure for the Covid-19. As soon as I had placed the note with my wish by the plant, we were automatically transported to a hospital in New York! 

As I walked into New York General Hospital, a doctor who claimed to be the famed Dr. Wentworth, said that I had called ahead to speak with him. I told him I had heard that this hospital was the best place for solving infectious diseases. I was describing how I found this plant. I told him that I thought it had special powers. His eyes got very big and he asked if he could see it. The plant shrunk away from him. I thought that was a little strange. He got a phone call and stepped away from us. I heard him say that he was on to a way to get more money than they could ever imagine, but he would need a little more time. He looked at me to see if I was listening. I quickly turned away. He then came back to me and invited me into his lab. I agreed and he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I asked for some water. He offered me a chair. I sat down and he left to get my water. When he returned he did not have any water. Instead, he had a rope. He looked at me with an evil grin. I tried to get up but it was too late. He pushed me back into the chair and tied me up. He tried to grab the plant, and then a nurse came in and said, “Dr. Sherman, what are you doing?” I shouted, “I thought your name was Dr. Wentworth!” Then, the nurse said to Dr. Sherman, “You said you would never pretend to be Dr. Wentworth again.” Right after that happened the plant started spinning in circles, and lighting up, and then it just stopped. Right away, the real Dr. Wentworth came in to see what all the commotion was about. He untied me and asked what was going on. Dr. Sherman claimed that I was a crazy person with a strange plant and that I was dangerous. I spoke up and said that I think the plant might be the cure for the Covid-19. Then Dr. Wentworth said, “You must be the one who called ahead and said you needed to speak with me immediately.” I said, “Yes, I have something very important to discuss with you.” Dr. Sherman got up and ran out of the lab. No one tried to stop him. The nurse introduced me to the real Dr. Wentworth. She told me he is their best doctor and he has been working on cures for diseases like: SARS, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and Malaria. Then Dr. Wentworth spoke up and said, “Thanks, but I just wish that I could find a cure for the Covid-19.” Then the plant started spinning, glowing, and rising up in the air. The lights flickered and the plant disappeared. Everyone was frozen in amazement. We wondered what had happened. I wondered if the plant disappearing meant that the wish had been granted, but on whom? The doctor dashed out of the room saying he had to go test a theory, and as he left he told the nurse to take me to the food court and get me a free snack.

As we were eating our snack, Dr. Wentworth came running in and exclaimed that he had found the cure. He sat down at the table and told us that he did not know how this was possible. I started to explain how I found the plant, and said how it gave me one wish, and I chose the power to manipulate intelligence. I just did not know who to give the power to. Now I realize that it was not up to me to choose it was up to the plant to choose.