The Good Villain by Sophie

First place winner in elementary age category (Fairy Tale Rewrite Provoke)

Hi, I am Vidia, I am a fast flying fairy. This is my side of my movie, Tinker Bell. So, once, in a far away land, called Never Land, a new fairy was being born. Her name was Tinker Bell after she was born.

She met me when I was making pixie dust winds. I said, “My talent is better than yours, fairies of every talent depend on me.”

“Hey, that’s just like what I do!!!” said Tinker Bell.

“It’s not like spring depends on you,” I said.

“Of course it does” said Tinker Bell.

“Excuse me,” I said rudely with my hands on my hips.

“NO, excuse me, Hmphhhhh!” she said.

“But my talent IS better than yours,” I said to myself.

I flew after her and said, “Is there anything you need help with?”

“Yes. I just climbed this cactus and I got a needle in my hands, my legs, and my wings which took away all my pixie dust and is keeping me from flying. I can’t fly down,” Tinker Bell said.

“I’ll get those needles out in a second and I’ll give you my pixie dust,” I said.

“thanks Vidia!!!”

“You’re welcome!”

The End!!!!