The Big Move by Madelyn

First place winner in our high school category for writing provoke, Mad Libs reversed

Julia threw her auburn hair into a messy bun and pulled on a sweatshirt over her tank top. It was unusually cool for a summer day, and the last thing Julia wanted was to be cold, on top of being upset. As she sulked out to the backyard, her thoughts began to spin. She thought back to last October, back when it all started. With that fateful phone call from who would eventually become her mom’s new boss. Julia only had heard her mom’s side of the conversation, but as soon as she hung up she broke the news to Julia, grinning from ear to ear.

“I got the job!”

Julia had tried to be supportive, and she had been doing a good job until recently. Her mom’s shiny new job came with a catch… it required them to move across the country. Julia would be miles and miles from the only life she’d ever known in New Jersey and living across the country in California. It was easy to be supportive when the moving date was months away, but the time went by fast and suddenly it was only 3 days away. Julia was trying to enjoy her last few days in New Jersey, and she decided that she would spend that day outside singing along to her favorite playlist, trying her best to keep her mind off the big move. 

Her mom cautiously opened the sliding door and came outside to join Julia. Julia saw she was carrying two glasses of strawberry lemonade, a childhood favorite. She guessed it was her mom’s poor attempt at an apology, but it didn't help much. Besides, strawberry lemonade doesn't quite hit the spot when it's anywhere below 50 degrees outside, especially when you’re sulking. 

The two of them made small talk for a while, and then they fell into silence. 

After a few minutes, Julia’s mom said, “Okay, can we talk about the elephant in the room?”

Julia’s heart sunk like a submarine. 

“Listen, I know this move isn’t easy for you, but maybe this will soften the blow. I know how much you love singing, and I hear how good you sound when you’re jamming to your playlist. Our town doesn’t have a theatre program and I know your school right now doesn’t have a Glee club, but I have good news.”

Julia wondered what kind of good news she could possibly have, since the last time she had “good news” it turned out to be quite the opposite.

“You know your new school in California? Well after a little bit of research on their website, I found out that they have a theatre department and a Glee club! Both!”

Despite her sadness, Julia felt a smile stretch across her face. Maybe this move wouldn’t be so bad after all.


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