The Aliens by RJ

Updated: Apr 9

The Aliens By RJ Benjamin Chambers Elementary School in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania ******** I was eating breakfast one morning when a giant spaceship landed in my backyard. As I dropped my spoon, the spaceship door started opening. When I woke up that morning, I had heard a big boom. I checked out my window to see who it was, but then I saw a flying saucer falling from the sky, and I saw a tentacle with 4 eyes! Then I went outside to check it out and there were four tentacles with 16 eyes! It was blue. It was green. It was yellow and orange. It was the alien from planet Bluebirds coming to check on … Dr. Suess! He was a kid then and he ran and ran and ran until he couldn’t run no more. But the alien caught up to him and caught him with a slick move. Then the kid went with the alien and they went inside. The kid went back in bed and never went outside again. And that kid was Dr. Suess. But he never came outside again. He just wrote books.

The End.