Scuba Diver Fiber! By Alison

Second place winner in elementary age category for writing provoke (Chain Reaction).

If you give a diver his suit, he’ll want to go for a swim. And if you take him on

a swim in the ocean, seeing the coral waving around will make him want to find a special fish. If he swims around, looking for a fish, and doesn’t find one, he’ll ask you for the best place to look for sea life. And if you tell him to look deep in the ocean, he’ll ask you what to look for. If you tell him to look for the endangered lionfish, he’ll ask you what it looks like. If you show him a picture, he is going to swim down as fast as he can. And if you follow him down, he will already have one in his hands.

If you are sitting at home the next day, and you ask him to go on a swim with you,

chances are…

He is going to ask for his suit to go with it.