Saving Galileo with a Space Station by Dainon

Third place winner in elementary school category (Historical Hero Provoke)

Did you know that Galileo Galilei believed that the Earth revolves around the Sun? Although the teachings of the Church taught that everything revolves around the Earth, Galileo stood firm in his beliefs. Since Galileo believed something the Church did not, he was therefore put on trial. To prevent Galileo being put on trial, I will introduce to him the invention of the space station.

The trial of Galileo Galilei was Galileo’s famous historical disaster. Galileo was charged of heresy: an offense to the teachings of the Church. He was put on trial for believing that the Earth orbited the Sun. The Church taught the opposite of what Galileo was trying to prove, and that was an offense to the Church. Galileo feared torture so he retracted these ideas of his so he would not get tortured. When he denied that the Earth moves, it is said that he murmured “and yet it does move.” It is also said that he said that under his breath so nobody would hear. After the trial of Galileo, Galileo spent the rest of his life under house arrest.

To prevent Galileo from going on trial I will introduce the space station. People can be in a space station so most of the things seen could be seen by humans. To have complete proof that the Earth revolves around the sun, the astronauts could set up some cameras. The space station will orbit around Earth and will have solar panels. Some space stations are big, like the ISS or small like the Tiangong 1-2 or the Salyut 2,3, and 5. Some space stations can have 7 crew members, and some can have none. Before a human can get in the real space station, he or she must go through intense training. There will be a pilot to “drive” the space station. To prove Galileo was right here are some materials the crew might need: cameras at different angles, a quill pen, ink, a notebook, and a few windows to look out of. The space station would launch and would get into orbit so we can prove that Galileo was right.

The space station really would have made a difference. The space station would have sped up discoveries. Some examples of discoveries would be going to the Moon earlier, creating even more space stations, etc. If Galileo had the space station, he could have had proof to support his beliefs. The space station would have stopped people from thinking the wrong thing and would have prevented Galileo from going to trial. The space station would have given proof to the people that Galileo was right. The space station would have helped safe Galileo from trail and from house arrest.