Pixelizers By Ian

Second place winner in elementary age category for writing provoke (Video Game Life).

Hi. It’s me. I’m from that story with that weird plant that can give you powers. You might remember at the end I went back and found it. Well, it wasn’t The End, it was more like To Be Continued.

I woke up this morning and my life felt animated. Like video game animated. In front of me was this:


I don’t know what the goal of today was, so I went with it. I walked through the hallway, and it looked like a dungeon hallway. I bumped into something in the middle of the hallway.

There was a chest, in the middle of the hallway. I was curious what was inside of it. But I was also thinking I shouldn’t, because it may be a trap.

I slowly opened it. I was expecting something to happen, but nothing happened. There was a sword, next to a futuristic watch. I put the watch on my wrist, but nothing happened.

Suddenly, something swooped down and I sliced it in half. It turned to pixels, and the pixels went into my watch. I felt powerful when my watched glowed. The glow was gone, but there was a number on my watch. Eight pixels.

I couldn’t catch a glimpse of it, until something exactly like it swooped down. I took a hit, and the watch showed my health bar going down just a tiny bit, but I still took damage.

Enemy: Batter-Bat

Damage: 10/100

It looked like a bat. I mean, in a weird way. It then swoops down again to hit me, but I expected it to do it this quickly. I then take the blade of my sword and push it against the wall. It then gives me another eight pixels.

I see a doorway and it needs a key. I know it has something to do with my sword. I know in video games swords can’t break the chains on locked doors. So, I try to slide my sword into the key slot. It won’t fit.

I check the hallways and some rooms I haven’t ventured into. Still no secrets. I start to give up when I see something out the corner of my eye. I then slice up what was next to me.

I then slice through one of those stupid Batter-Bats.

I go back to the door and look at my twenty-four pixels count on the watch. I look at the door and the watch makes a buzzing noise. The twenty-four pixels fly into the slot and the chains break. I then walk through the door.



After I enter the next room, I fight a couple of those Batter-Bats, and walk towards an unlocked door, a sudden earthquake shakes the room, and a muscular monster stand in front of me. He’s my height though.

Semi Boss: Spiker

Damage: 25/100

This semi boss battle was pretty easy if you were asking. It didn’t take long. I had to first figure out how to distract him. After he got distracted, I got behind him and look around for it. There was a slot on one of his spikes.

So, I had to get on top of him. I got him to lower his back enough so I can hit him. He grabbed my blade though, but he got hurt by the sharpness of the blade. I then got a hit on him and slid my sword through the slot.

For that, the spikes disappeared and showed his actual weak spot. I got him distracted again and stabbed his weak spot. He then gave me twenty-six pixels. Then I entered the next room.

The door slammed behind me. I looked back in front of me and then something came out of the darkness beside me. I couldn’t make out what it was. Then I realized what I got myself into. I knew I wasn’t ready for what is about to happen.


Its name was The Planter. I knew this was my chance to beat the game. So, I used my strength and started striking. I first climbed it’s fist like I was climbing the club of that goblin in the first story. I then jumped and stabbed its shoulder. It yelled very loudly.

I then fell to the ground because the yell was too loud, and I was weak, so I lost my balance. I took a lot of fall damage when I hit the ground. I then saw a giant fist come down and hit me. My health was 5/100 and I knew I was in for a death wish.

I was ready to die when I closed my eyes. I thought the fist crushed me, and then I opened my eyes. My health was full! I took out my sword and climbed the giant arm. As soon as I reached the shoulder, I jumped and plugged my sword into its neck.

I was flung off of its neck, but I jumped in time. I landed on the top of its head. I saw the plant, and I cut the plant. I woke up next to the plant, but it was shredded. Then I remembered, I wished to be in a video game.


(for now)