Paul Revere Re Imagined! By Alison

First place winner in elementary school category (Historical Hero Provoke)

Everyone knows the famous story of Paul Revere. But what if he had had something a little more… modern?

I was looking intently at my watch, waiting for the moment it struck midnight. It was April 19, the exact date in which Paul Revere would set out on his famous midnight ride, and I knew I could help.

Cell phone in hand, I jumped into the neon, electric-blue lights of my time machine. A whining sound filled my ears, and my legs tingled. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I saw.

It was an amazing sight to see. Everybody looked secretive. Amazingly secretive.

I could hear hooves galloping in the distance. It was Paul Revere!

“Wait! Wait!” I called, and his horse slowed to a walk.

“What? Are you a redcoat?” Paul said, eying my red T-shirt.

“Oh! No, sir. I come from… well... a sort of foreign land. And I have come to show you this.” I held out my phone so he could see it.

“What is that? Are you sure this isn’t a trap?”

“I am sure. And you may punish me if I am wrong.”

“Um… okay,” He mumbled, though he still seemed unsure. “But make it quick. You know what I’ve got to do.”

“I know. And this will actually help you with that. Just touch the letters to form the words you want to say. Then, click ‘send’. Then the people you want to tell will know.”

“But how will I get my friends to know if they don't have one too?”

“ right… about that… I only have one phone to lend you for now, because they’re really expensive. But I could use my time machine to go into the future and get a phone that only needs one person! I’ll be right back. Don't go anywhere.’’

“Uh, okay,” he said, unmounting his horse.

I hopped through my time machine to find myself in about 3020. A whole decade! This was awesome!

But I couldn't mess around now. I had a phone to find.

“May I have your phone?”


“There’s no time to explain. I’ll give it back in the morning. If I am not here, just wait for me and I will be. Ok?”

“Uhh… oh...kay,” he said, mumbling on his way off.

Mission accomplished! I thought as I hopped back through the time machine.

“Here’s your phone! Now just think of the person you want to send it to while you type. Ok?”

“Um, ok.’’

“Great! See you tomorrow!”

Safely at home the next morning, I remembered the deal I had made with Paul. My phone! I had gotten so used to not having it around that I had forgotten how life was with it! I leaped back through my time machine, in the same 1775 world. Paul was looking impatient, but relieved to see that I had finally arrived.

“Here’s your… uh… what did you call it again? Oh yeah… phone.” He said, handing it to me. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot- will you be back anytime soon?”

“Not soon, but in about 1861.”

“Why so specific?”

“You’ll see. Oh yeah, I’ll also be back again in 2020.”

“Why? Is that where you’re from?”

“Yeah. Anyway, I don’t want to give spoilers for your future, so I’d better be on my way. Bye!”

“Yeah… goodbye.”

In a flash, I was back in my garage, everything the same as it had been before. I sighed. I was sad to leave, but I wanted him to forget me before I came back. I didn’t want to mess with the past too much, or I might find myself famous! The theory sounds perfect, but I didn’t want scientists to recognize me now and get confused. It was simple for me, but I wasn’t sure they would understand.

I kept track of the years, and visited Paul, though secretly, often. We became good friends, and he thanked me later for everything I had done, once he understood that I had practically saved him. He passed on soon enough from natural causes, and I was sad for a while. But sometimes, the best of friendships have to make sacrifices to last forever.

The End