Hansel and Gretel The Witch’s Point of View by Breanna

First place winner in middle school category (Fairy Tale Rewrite Provoke)

My Side of the Story

I am very offended that I was rudely accused of trying to harm Hansel and Gretel. I was just trying to help them. You do not believe me, then I will explain everything to you. It all started one morning when I heard a noise that I had never heard before. It was a crunching and tearing kind of sound.  I went out to check, but I could not see very well because my eyesight has gotten pretty bad over the years. I heard a chewing sound. As I got closer, I saw two scrawny kids eating my homemade house, which took me three and a half years to make! I saw them take a giant bite out of my marshmallow roof, and my licorice doorframes had been torn off and nibbled on. The peppermint windows had been licked, and my candy cane railing had been broken in half. The worst was the tootsie roll gutters were almost gone. After getting a closer look at the trespassers, I felt very bad for them because I could tell that they were very hungry, and had not been taken care of or cleaned. I invited them to come into my house, and I offered to help them. 

I showed them to their rooms before they showered. I then made their beds, which had pillows as fluffy as clouds. I sewed them some new clothes, which took me what seemed like forever to make. Even after I finished making them, they said they did not like the color and told me they did not want them after I spent a long time making them. I then told them dinner would be ready in 45 minutes, and that we were going to have pizza. I worked all day, and then I had to make the pizza. The pizza had an amazing aroma, and when it was sitting on the counter, I believed it was as big as the table. Hansel and Gretel came down and charged into the kitchen and they did not even say thank you as they demolished all of the pizza. Afterwards, they were ignoring me and just whispered back and forth to each other. I said that it was time for them to go to bed, and I said good night. They left without saying a word to me. I woke up at the break of dawn to make them a huge stack of pancakes that had to be pretty close to the size of Gretel. When they came down, they just started greedily eating, and did not even acknowledge me. 

I was very annoyed with them because I worked so hard and they did not even show me any gratitude for my amazing pancakes. I went outside to attempt to fix my house that they had destroyed, I did not even ask them to help and they just kept on giving me attitude and not being grateful for any of my kindness. I came back in and they were eating chips, and they kept spilling crumbs all over the floor and did not pick them up. They were watching TV and had the sound blaring so loud I could not even hear myself think. I was so shocked at how unappreciative these children were. I decided it was getting late so I went to make dinner. I wanted to make something really special for them so I made chicken and mashed potatoes with 5 sides. It took me 3 hours to make everything. Once everything was made I placed the food on the table and told them to come start eating. After we had what I thought was going to be the most amazing dinner ever, which by the way it was, I went to the oven to check the heat to see if it was cooling down so that it would not cause a fire. I had to get close to the oven because my eyesight is bad. I could feel the heat, as I got closer I did not see her coming. Gretel came behind me, shoved me in the oven, and slammed the door. After she pushed me in, she cranked up the heat, and left. I heard her and her brother go into my secret room, and take all my gold. Then they just left. As I heard them leave I quickly jumped out of the oven. I felt that there was no point in chasing after them they were long gone.

The moral of this story is do not trust strangers, even if they look kind and innocent.