Day at the Zoo by Alison

First place winner in our elementary age category for our writing provoke, Mad Libs Reversed

One sunny October day, I was strolling through the zoo with my friends, following close behind the tour guide. 

“Step in, girls!” She said, hopping in a submarine. “Let’s go see some elephants!”

We stepped in, and the tour guide shut the lid. “Seatbelts on!” She reminded us, strapping hers with a ‘click’. 

We all followed, strapping our seatbelts with more clicks. A pod of dolphins that were swimming nearby heard the clicking and must have thought it was another dolphin, because they started nuzzling the dome of the submarine, making vigorous clicking and whistling noises.  When the tour guide turned on the submarine and the propeller started to spin, they darted away, frightened by the sudden movement and noise. 

The submarine dove underwater, and everything came to life. Schools of fish darted past, swirling up bubbles and blocking the view of everything. We all sighed and laughed when a new cloud of bubbles came our way. The tour guide had to stop, too.

But the absolute best part was when the tour guide brought us to a calm area that seemed to be empty at first. I wondered why she was taking us there. 

But then I heard it. It started out as a low, distant rumble, but then got louder. I could just make out the gray, wrinkled figure of…

“An elephant!” I exclaimed,  watching its legs go around and around in circles, treading water.

Soon, the submarine was filled with oohs and ahhs. Everybody was gaping at the elephant.

“Can we ride it?” I asked. Everybody murmured their agreement.

“Sure! Emerald should let you go for a quick one,” The tour guide said.

We surfaced and all got out, filing one by one. We put on life jackets, and my heart was singing when I got to go first. Emerald’s skin was rough and wrinkled. It felt kind of like riding a horse, only in water.

When everybody had gotten to ride Emerald, the tour guide offered us strawberry lemonade, and we talked for a while. This had been the best day of my life!


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