A Flower That Gives You Superpowers by Sophie

Second place winner in the elementary school category

Once when I was walking in the forest, I saw a plant that had a note with Pixie-dust cursive chose ONE superpower and you shall have that power. I said “I wish I could shape-shift” the flower glowed a hot pink light. A hot pink cloud appeared around me. When it was done, I looked like a superhero. I snapped, I looked like a cat named Pixie. I snapped and became a beautiful princess. I had beautiful long golden hair. I had a beautiful pink lacey dress. And a beautiful jeweled crown. She was a sign of beauty. I snapped again, I saw someone coming. I turned into a flower. It was a rose.

I snapped again, I was a princess again. “Now I will find my prince charming” I found a prince named Camden. He said on his knees, “princess, will you marry me?” “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said and they lived “Happily ever after.”